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Limor Zarfaty Max

A multidisciplinary artist living in Kibbutz Ruhama, in the southern Negev of Israel. I create, teach, and host workshops on collaborative art as a tool for inspiration, empowerment, and making dreams come true.

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A bit about myself

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, soaking in its unique atmosphere and Cultural diversity.

In 2009 I moved to Sderot to study for a bachelor's degree in "culture and art in the community" at Sapir College. It was there that I first fell in love with the landscape of the northern Negev and with the inspiring communities of women and men living in Sderot and Shaar Hanegev. ​​

In 2013 I founded and managed, with my dear colleague, Sharon Ken Dor, the civil society organization "Umm Culture" - a “Social Art" House in Sderot​, where we held activities for women, youth, children, and artists from Sderot.

At the same time, I was working as a 'community growth manager' at the youth center of Sderot's municipality, where I have created, facilitated, and led a wide variety of community growth-enabling projects that connect, strengthen, and create a filling of belonging for the local communities

Citrus Fruits
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Development. Empowerment. Growth.

Working with different communities for many years, I saw how meaningful experiences of creating art in a collaborative way while experimenting with different materials and techniques, can impact any group/ community and how it can empower each member individually while facilitating fruitful discussions and helping to achieve common goals. Collaborative creation connects the group members and lets them see the good in others.

During Covid, I decided to follow my dream and started my own business - a "collaborative art studio" where I get to share my experience of working with communities and teams and use the original techniques I have developed over the years, with people from all over the country. ​

My goal is to bring the gift of art creation to as many people and teams as possible and help them benefit from the unique and empowering experience of collaborative art. 

Collaborative art

What is collaborative art?
it’s a process in which a group of people creates unique and original visual artworks while sharing their thinking process, planning, and execution

It’s about groups of women and men who overcome together the challenges of creation, let go of their fears of criticism, performance anxiety, and lack of experience, and get to dream, plan, experiment, and execute their original works of art.

Collaborative creation is about connections and meaningful experiences that end with unique, professional art pieces.

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